Who We Are

The Curry County Cultural Coalition is an arm of the Oregon Cultural Trust, created by the Oregon State Legislature in 2001.  One third of the money that the Trust grants each year is distributed among 45 county and tribal cultural coalitions.  These coalitions receive money based on population.  Each group sets its own priorities and grants Trust funds within its own jurisdiction.  With a $200 million endowment, the Trust will secure sustainable funding for Oregon culture in perpetuity.

The Curry County Cultural Coalition (CCCC) reviews applications annually and awards money to groups that fulfill the Trust’s mission of increasing public participation in Oregon culture.  Priority is given to first-time applicants.

What We Support

The Curry County Cultural Coalition, through the Oregon Cultural Trust, offers grants of up to $1,000 to nonprofit organizations which support the visual, written, or performing arts; history and culture; and humanities throughout Curry County, Oregon.

Cultural Priorities and Benchmarks

♦ Priority: Advocate for Curry County’s collective cultural resources.
   Strategies:  Promote public awareness of local facilities and events.
   Quantitative Benchmarks:
• Increased distribution of printed materials.
• Increased attendance at events and facilities.
• Increased hits for the Curry County Cultural Coalition website.

♦ Priority: Preserve and enhance cultural and historic resources.
   Strategies: Support historic preservation committees in local communities by
promoting educational opportunities.
   Quantitative Benchmarks:
• Increased annual visits to historic sites.
• Quality of historic structures and displays is maintained and improved for the future.
♦ Priority: Promote Curry County arts, humanities, and heritage to residents and visitors.
• Support the creation of performing and other arts centers throughout the county.
• Inform residents and tourists of cultural opportunities, using several types of media.
• Cooperate with local Chambers of Commerce and the Wild River Coast organization
in promoting arts and heritage as reasons to visit the county.
• Encourage tour packages which include county cultural offerings.
• Support electronic media promotion of local artists.
   Quantitative Benchmarks:
• Increased attendance at performing arts events, festivals, art shows, and other cultural

♦ Priority: Broaden and deepen public perception of the arts, humanities, and
heritage of Curry County.
• Facilitate dialogue among county musicians, artists, and historians.
• Support more studios/classrooms for art and music instruction.
• Encourage county-wide competitions for student artists, musicians, writers, etc. 
   Quantitative benchmarks:
• New programs development.
• Increased number of arts-related opportunities for youth.

How to Participate

To apply for a 2015 grant from the Curry County Cultural Coalition go to the Grant Application page on this web site. Applications for a 2015 grant are due by November 15, 2014.